How to Find Zen in Times of Crisis -

How to Find Zen in Times of Crisis


Feeling zen in the middle of a global pandemic?

We all know how to find our zen in the most positive of moments… in a great class with a beautiful environment, in our sacred space in our home, to the tune of monkeys chanting and birds chirping on a beautiful yoga deck in Costa Rica… but what about finding zen during a global pandemic?

When thinking about finding zen in the midst of a crisis that is affecting so many, it can be difficult to find the level of calm we are accustomed to.

Here’s the thing… we shouldn’t be doing what we have always done. This is a new phase of lives and the things we do moving forward will be changed because of that. We have a choice, and those who choose to find zen, spread peace and believe in joy moving forward will be catalysts in the new future we are creating.

One where global emissions are down, neighbors are helping others and we have retreated – not in fear, but in solidarity. In a beautiful showcase of love, kindness, and compassion.

So how can you become one of these warriors spreading positivity through this pandemic?

Here are a few ways…

  1. ) Keep up (or increase) your self-care
      • It can be tempting during this time to let go of certain routines you have established and fall into the pattern of laying around, scrolling or letting your self-care fall by the wayside in general. Instead, decide to up your self-care routine. When you are taken care of, your body and mind recognize your worth and you feel prepared, accomplished and continue to build and create positive momentum.
  2. ) Continue to fuel yourself with good (for you) foods!
    1. Similar to letting go of your self-care, one of the most common things we face in these times is stress and all too often we turn to comforts in the form of foods that don’t serve us or our bodies, and in fact contribute even more to the aforementioned sluggishness.
  3. ) Follow the standard steps to find zen, even if you have to do it a few different times…
        1. BREATHE. Just take a moment now to take 5 deep breaths…
        2. Close your eyes. Even if just for 5 minutes to focus on breathing and clearing your mind… shut out the distractions and noise by closing your eyes.
        3. Count to 10. When the situation feels like it is too much, count to 10.
        4. Repeat your mantra’s while breathing.
        5. Do something FUN! We are all feeling the stress, but when was the last time you laughed or danced? Took some time to do something silly and light? Your energy attracts like energy. Laugh and love a bit more at this time.
        6. Let go and be in the now. Not a single one of us can control this situation outside of protecting ourselves and those around us. Let go of the future, the things that have happened in the past, and focus on NOW.

It is possible to find zen in times of crisis, and we are so grateful to be able to support you on this journey. Share this with anyone who may need help working through these challenging times and finding their own zen!

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