An Interview with Colynn Vosburgh -

An Interview with Colynn Vosburgh

Colynn Vosburgh & Anamaya Present

“The Ultimate ONLINE 200 Hour YTT”


Join Colynn Vosburgh, Anamaya Resort, and an amazing group of guest teachers for an online 200 hour YTT, that is Yoga Alliance Certified!

We wanted to interview Colynn to give you a bit of insight into who your future (or potentially future) YTT instructor is!

Joining us via Zoom from beautiful Costa Rica, we loved taking the time to get to know more about Colynn, who is a Canadian Registered Nurse/Medical Student turned Yoga Instructor. Her knowledge of the body, dis-ease, injury, prevention and health, and her fun, easy going nature combine to create an interactive, experiential and exciting class that offers the knowledge necessary to understand body mechanics, safely instructing students through an asana practice and yet bringing awareness to the philosophical and traditional healing methods and understanding the impact of self related to physical health.

What is your background? 

When I was 20 I had a baby and had to dive into working right away. I started working in the healthcare field – as a new mom and community worker – and I found yoga during this time.

Following that I was working as an LPN, then an RN and then finally applied to Med School. 

The reason I applied to become a doctor was because I thought that was the next thing, but I was unhappy with western medical system.

I was shortlisted at the same time I was in a YTT, and started med school around the same time I completed the certification for my YTT but QUICKLY realized that being a doctor was not the answer for me. 

But since I was two years in, I needed to parallel the wages of a Doctor and pay back those loans. 

I wasn’t sure what to do next, but right out of my YTT I was asked by my instructor to teach the anatomy of the body with her YTT, and took the medical/anatomy curriculum and turned it into a job where I would travel around and instruct others. 

I have 20+ YTT’s I have co-hosted and I am so excited to be able to help teach you more.

What led you to want to instruct yoga? 

For me there is a life before teacher training, and a life after teacher training. 

The transition from doctor to yogi was very noticeable… 

I was learning to be a doctor because I wanted to help fix people, and I thought they had a cushy job doing just that. 

But I quickly learned that yoga could reach people on a deeper level, and you can change your teaching strategy to help create a personal shift for people. 

Tell us about your YTT experience personally?

  • What was the hardest thing about your own YTT experience?
        • The lessons about yourself.
            •  I was very clinical – and then with the YTT it took my emotions to a new level that was rather raw and deep. Essentially? It woke me up. It was the most amazing and incredible peace and shift, and there was a moment where I remember thinking… “I can’t unsee and unlearn this new power.” 
  • What was your favorite thing about it?
        • Personal development.
            •  When I took it I was one of the guys – I didn’t historically like women or hanging out with a feminine energy. But all women were in my teacher training and I ended up taking a journey through my emotions with them – I bonded with them, and was able to go deeper into the “WHY” behind why I look for male attention. My YTT was transformational for me in so many more ways than “just yoga.”

What can we expect from your YTT with Anamaya?

  • I am a successful entrepreneur because of my YTT and my business savvy, and I want each and every person to leave and know how to create an additional income (Especially in this difficult time) as opposed to having an expensive hobby. 
  • You may be here for personal development and exploration as well as deepening your practice, which will without a doubt happen, but you will also learn how to add an income stream that can open new doors for you. 
  • You can also expect a variety of experts, I have invited experts in the nervous system, philosophy, teaching sequences, a permaculturist in addition to my deep knowledge of anatomy done in a fun and exciting way instead of a dull, monotone manner. 

How can we be sure we connect on a deeper level since it is virtual? 

  • I have taught so many teacher trainings, I know what makes it work within a group of people. In addition to that, it isn’t a pre-recorded training like so many others – we are in person, with each other – just from the safety of our own homes. 
      • I also offer the opportunity to have a “lab” time for additional questions and concerns, especially if you have to take the classes recorded.

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