Day 1 Of A 10-Week Yoga Teacher Training Journey -

Day 1 Of A 10-Week Yoga Teacher Training Journey

It’s September 11, 2020 and today I start a 10-week journey of attending my very first Yoga Teacher Training.

Any advice!?!

This is a 200 hour training with Colynn Vosburgh & Wendy Weymann.

I met Colynn through Anamaya’s first Virtual Yoga Retreat we hosted back in May of this year. If you don’t know me, I’m Kelsey Matheson one of the owners and founders of Anamaya Resort… And if you’ve just landed on this website for the first time, we’re a boutique hotel and retreat center that hosts yoga, surf and wellness retreats, as well as Yoga Teacher Trainings throughout the year.

We all witnessed the world shut down back in March and the tourism industry was hit hard! Really hard… so we had to significantly pivot our business.

We now have approximately 7 different online offerings that are helping us to keep Anamaya alive and our staff employed, which is very important to us. We know things will turn around at some point, but our focus right now is on serving our amazing community the best way we know how.

Colynn has taught at Anamaya before but we’ve never met in person until this May.. and even then it was a virtual introduction. Throughout the Virtual Yoga Retreat I found that I LOVE her teaching style… I love her energy… I love her philosophies.

We’re on the same page about so many things, that I felt a natural and powerful connection. So when Colynn said she was hosting an online 200 hour YTT that was Yoga Alliance certified – I was like SIGN ME UP!!

Colynn and Anamaya decided to partner on this venture, so we became co-hosts of the Yoga Teacher Training which I’m very excited about because it’s another way to serve our fans and followers. Here’s the thing… Anamaya has been running for almost 11 years but I have never had the opportunity to participate in a Yoga Teacher Training myself.

I’ve been raising children, building multiple businesses, doing ALL the things over the past 10 years, so I haven’t had a chance to take the time to dive into a YTT.

With everything going on around the world, I feel I REALLY need this now. I feel it’s time. So my 10-week journey starts TODAY!!

My goals are to complete the training – and I know that might seem obvious, but the reality is I run 5 businesses, I’m a mom, a wife, we’ve recently rescued a new puppy and a guinea pig, and now I’m embarking on a 200 hour YTT that I plan on taking very seriously.

I will attend all the sessions. I will support the other students. I will focus on getting as much out of this experience as I can.

I’m doing this to deepen my yoga practice, to take my knowledge of yoga to a new level, and learn more about breath work, meditation and the mind, body, spirit connection. I’m really looking forward to absorbing all the information I possibly can.

I’m also looking forward to the self-care aspect of this training. I feel like I really need this (did I mention that?). So all of that being said, I’ll be documenting this whole journey. I’ll be going live on Facebook every week, I’ll be writing a weekly blog post that will go up here on Anamaya’s blog, and my goal is to also do regular Instagram stories about this process as well.

It’s going to be interesting and I’m very excited… but to be totally honest, I’m also a bit terrified!

Wish my luck and for anyone who has done through a YTT before, PLEASE send me any advice you might have HERE. I would really, truly appreciate it.



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